Committed to providing a Haven – a safe, welcoming and secure space of relaxation

  • Ecumenicalthe project was started in 1998 by Rev. Paula Mayer in Paignton as the result of a Lenten ecumenical group.
  • At the heart of Paignton: We are in premises near Lidl , close by the town centre, and bus and train stations.

We are currently operating our outreach from St. Andrews Church Hall, Sands Rd, Paignton.

  • Run by volunteers. The team is currently 10 and we need more. They cover a  range of skills, age and experience. The team is always changing as members move on to other fields, paid employment or simply retire.
  • Committed to helping people move on from what are often troubled, chaotic, unhappy or lonely situations.
  • Affirming dignity, creating hope: Central to our approach is the belief that every individual is unique. We offer physical, spiritual and social support in a non- judgmental fashion in order to help every visitor to change and reach a better place and have the life they hope for. We respect and honour their right to make their own choices.
  • Accepting of all regardless of their history, race, gender, orientation or religion.
  • Prayer based: The original Prayer group continues to meet on Wednesday afternoons in the centre.
  • Financed entirely by gifts from local churches and individuals.
  • Dependent on the churches and people of Paignton who make donations of money food and clothing, and who offer themselves as volunteers.
  • A trust – a registered charity with a board of trustees. Registered charity no.07832748


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